Friday, May 4, 2012

Raise Beds...

This was last Fall, yes we did add a raise bed to our yard last fall. According many gardeners raise beds offers many advantages. You can move the bed you want to that’s mean you are in control when it comes sun light!, water source, and enrichment of the soil condition. 

We did add a bit of height for our bed, technically you do not have to go this crazy for height. We used simple cement blocks. We also get much sunshine to this area we have to keep in my we do have older trees in our yard and we were not willing to cut them because we really love them. 
We dug a trench so we can lay the blocks and level it. Very simple steps to build. You can do this anywhere you want to. 
We are excited get this started this Summer... and will post more...
Quote of the day “ stay curious, explore, discover”


  1. I never thought of using these for a raised garden or garden period...yeah, thanks for sharing.

    Following from Spring Fling at SITS Girls

  2. your welcome let me know about your garden...