Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Bobby Pins and Fabric Buttons...

Girls are wired totally unique way. I have so much fun working with Nicolette making her girly stuff. 

We enjoy making the ponytails for her and I was thrilled to hear from her how much she likes them. Not only that she loves me for making them as well. “ I love you for making my hair” 

Yes, I do get the real deal. 

I took a step further and and made these bobby pins with fabric buttons. As soon as Panduka gets home she run to him with her hair accessories so he can put them on. 
These are fun to make and cool B’day gifts for a little girl who like to do hair who would not.
Quote of the day “aim for quality"


  1. I keep meaning to make some of these for myself. I have a cute button stash, and it's so simple. Love the little birds, in particular!