Thursday, May 10, 2012

Hair Do accessories for little Nicolette...

I have been writing about my garden lately a lot. Sorry I am not trying to bore you with my garden musing but this is one of my favorite time of the year. There is so much you can do out in the yard and enough of the garden.

Little Nicolette has been asking me to do her hair. In other words to add a pig tail to her regular hair do. I was delighted to do that. I was using my ponytail bands on her. 

I was eyeing for those cute button projects and I had ton of scraps that I had been collecting and wanted to add a little color. I bought some colorful ponytail bands for less than $4.00 and there were 72 bands. Prior to this I bought a button making set from the craft store and used a coupon on it did not spend much. 

One afternoon little Nicolette and I decided to make the button covers and add them to the ponytail bands. She was very delighted to help me and ware them. We did not made a ton since we did not have much button cover it is in my list to get some.  But we made plenty for her to have now.
I thought this could be a unique gift for a little girl. Nicolette enjoyed very much making her ponytail bands and even said thank you for helping. This project was very easy she was able to make some by herself at the end with very little help. 
Aren’t these simple ponytails adorable any little girl. They are too cute not to have. I place them in a little card for easy access. 
I am sure to make some more soon.
Quote of the day “be the artist, the writer, the creator, of your future.