Monday, May 14, 2012

How to incorporate a COMPOST UNIT to the garden...

I always wanted to add a compost unit to our garden. I research, read, watched my neighbors, and friends. I finally said YES, I am ready make ours this SPRING. When I was voicing out this idea to my neighbor she offered her mesh wire from her bin last year. (She is going big this year and made one with pallets) I do not have the space since I am big into gardening.

I decided add one in my gardening space we will move as we get more creative in future. Panduka decided to use the post that we took of from our bathroom to build the frame. He did a wonderful job creating this. 
We hammered the mesh into place around the posts. Now we have a compost bin. I am happy we can contribute to make a change in the carbon print we leave behind on our dear mother Earth...

Then it is all about layering brown and green. We had some leaves from Fall well the reason for that is we residents in the town of Mansfield is responsible for taking our recycle garden material to the dump. 

We gladly empty out our fall leaves and fresh cut grass there goes our first two layers now we have been adding the kitchen scrap. No meat or dairy products. Once in a while toss it. I add some lime to the pile for easy composting but you do not have to. We will be adding to this pile through out this year. 
Quote of the day “refuse to quit learning"


  1. Interesting article, thanks for sharing your pictures and story with us!

    1. your welcome... we had fun making this...

  2. What a pretty bin it is too! I think the mesh will help with airflow (which is always a problem for us with our wooden bin--we have to turn it a lot more often than we should).

    1. We have a problem when it comes to turning too