Monday, April 2, 2012

Mani & Pedicure...

After a long time I treated myself for a long overdue mani & pedicure treat. The new shellac is amazing but I have not use it yet. According many that I know seems to lasting for 14 days. I think that is a BIG. 

O.K. lets be realistic I cannot keep my manicure for more than a week if I did it is huge accomplishment. The amount of cooking and cleaning I do it will be a miracle if I did. 

They would not do it on fridays and the weekends I guess those are the big days for salons. I chose the SALES promotion. I really hope I can maintain this till Saturday. After that it is going to be history. 

I always preferred the neutral  minerals than the color on my nails. This weekend I needed some color. I have notice I always gravitate towards same color.

Do you change colors according to the moods or seasons... I would love to hear...
Quote of the day “ plan less"

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