Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Finally Daffodils...

Yes, all that waiting is beginning to pay off. Well they are not getting much rain but I guess enough warmth in the ground to wake up!

Funny story is I am totally in love with this tiny patch of daffodils from my previous owner. They are beautiful I never seen something like this before. Simply Gorgeous aren’t they.

I was adamant to plant only yellow this year we will see what brings out next year. May be some shades of light yellow would be lovely. 

I cannot wait to see till every thing to bloom...

Quote of the day " say a morning prayer"


1 comment:

  1. The prettiest daffodils I ever had were at a house I rented in college. A whole huge patch of them popped up between some trees, and the way the sunlight shafted down over them in the afternoon was magnificent. The house had been a rental forever, so some nice tenant before me had to have planted them, knowing he or she would never really see them naturalize. Such a good deed!