Thursday, April 19, 2012

How is your garden growing

I want rain... Where is april showers... I am trying to keep the grass seeds live. I am ready for a rain dance. 

These are my little pansies waiting to welcome visitors. They are happy and warm sitting by the footsteps.

This is a beautiful hydrangea which I bought last year part of the money from this goes to breast caner foundation. Now that is a good cause to gardening. 

More pansies around the maple root...

I am experimenting this... we will see how this is going to survive...
What do you think about our new addition...

We have a fruit tree...

The rose bushes are happy... and yes I am going to stop right here. I have to continue my tour around our garden. But first thing is first we need to get our grass growing. So right now all hands are on deck to get the grass growing.

Quote of the day “be curious about life”

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