Friday, December 30, 2011

Winter Break...

Nicolette turned 3 today... We celebrated her B’day. I did made this wonderful B’day cake just for us it was way too much cake for family of four. We will share with many as we can. I do not want it to sit for a longtime in our house. 
Nicolette went through all the roses. I was afraid given the time we cut the cake how she is going to sleep. She enjoyed every bit of it.  
Her big brother was a great help and enjoyed every bit of it. My friend wants me to make a wedding cake for her. I guess I did a great job. I did baked her 3rd B’day cake and it was fun. We will be celebrating her B’day party soon...
Here comes cake...
Quote of the day "share / give / receive"


  1. My mom used to make me a 3 layer strawberry cake with strawberry icing every year for my birthday until I went off to college. It was ALWAYS too much cake for a family of just my mom, dad, me, and my sister but there is nothing I appreciated more! I'm sure your family does as well!
    Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. Nicolette is so adorable. I love the cake you are so creative!!! You should put a picture of the cake on

    My friend said she wants to order a Topponcino from you when she has a baby. She's not pregnant yet but I will remind her to order one from you when she does get pregnant.

    Talk to you soon and keep making beautiful things.


  3. im so sorry it took so long to comment on this,i wasnt on line for a while, it was such a lovely cake, you are so is a big WOW.
    Im sure it tastes good and Nicolette and nigel loved it.Happy belated wishes to Nicolette.i guess never too late.
    wish i can get one cake like this.
    All the best to you guys.

  4. Hi Menaka,
    Thanks for the comments... You are right its never too late for B'day wishes.
    We had so much fun with baking... I love you take time to read my crazy musing...