Thursday, December 22, 2011

Anti - Fleece on SALE!

After the big SALE the remnant rack was full of anti-fleece. I was able to get couple since I had planned many projects to use them. The BEST DEAL is when the fabric is on SALE the remnant get another 50% off of the SALE price that is called double dipping. 
I have used anti-fleece sparingly in our house. During COLD nights it really adds a warmth to your bed. After so much studying of the environmental science I needed a break. Well i took sustainability to a whole new LEVAL. 
I LOVE pillows, and love covers I think it is an easy fix to a boring room and a bed. My body pillow needed a cover we ran out of covers can you believe so instead of ordering more I decided to make one with a comfort fabric. 
This is what I did with the remnant fabric I got from the fabric store. LOVELY and COMFY at the same time. I try to get to bed early, no kidding with finals just around the corner. 
Quote of the day “ tap your own maple trees and make your own syrup”


  1. That's so pretty! And it looks much more comfy than a standard pillowcase. The quotation about maple syrup made me think of the Little House books. I'm reading those with my daughter right now, and the maple syrup season is one of her very favorite scenes from the first book.

  2. I have read this series to Kindergartners Oh they LOVED it so much. Girls really LOVED it. I guess I do admire and love pioneer american women and the life is simple and beautiful.