Thursday, December 29, 2011

Winter Break...

This winter break I have planned out few projects to do... I am happy with my grades but planning to do better coming spring. Getting back to the subject one of my project was cleaning out the pantry and organizing. Well my pantry is not the traditional pantry since I have itty bitty kitchen. I was determined to utilize every inch  I have. I still cannot bring in all my dishes that I have accumulated over the years but got what I needed in other words the basics. 
Well, I am not complaining I choose this simple life because the priority is to finish my school. I am working hard towards this goal. Sometimes I do need a kitchen with all the gadgets. I need to wait on that  for a while. 
So I did the best I can to make room and organize the pantry. The best thing was I acquired a kitchen cabinet absolutely free from my neighbor. She was kind enough to offer it to me I did not think twice, quickly hauled it inside with my sons help. This happened at the beginning of fall and now we are way into winter I decided to clean, wash and re paint the outside to match the pantry and was able to house all my spices from SRI LANKAN COOKING and CHINESE COOKING. 
Now that my shelves are free I was able to organize the pots, pans, glassware, and all the knick knacks. 
I am not trying to get any of you into spring cleaning. I acted way early because I wanted to organize the pantry for the longest time since we had moved in. I usually go to kitchen, make something and get out of the kitchen. I had this ideas of creating places for some activities I often do in the kitchen. Like Breakfast items, Tea station, electric appliances, and baking.  I felt so chaotic when I stepped into my pantry before because it was a mess. Now I am happy to go in and see the neatness. I did not spend a dime to do it used what I had. Few more touches then I am done. 
I did work with my 13 year old to do this, we talked about the chores and the utensils we need.  How to house the items we use often. This was fun because I had no idea how to accomplish this.  I did listen to his ideas we worked together considering little Nicolette is getting independent making breakfast. However, both of us did great at the end cleaning and organizing. I hope he will carry this with him in his life as well.
I can happily check off one item from my to-do list. 
What are you up to lately are you cleaning, organizing, or in the process of making new year resolutions. 
Quote of the day “ brainstorm”

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