Friday, December 23, 2011

Coming together...

Remember the dish towel I made and the ornament that was made by kids. Finally I put them together. Now it looks like this. 
I had fun creating these with kids. I personally think creating memories are very important with your children. I remember to this day the holidays in Sri Lanka growing up. Friends and family gathered and we shared food and treats it was FUN I loved the company of my cousins and the presents of my only grandmother in the house because it brings special memories to me. 
Now that we have made our home miles away from our Sri Lanka. It is still equally important to celebrate the season of giving with your children. 
The cookies, conversations, music, mixing ingredients, watching it change, making something edible,and most of all SHARING the final product is really self satisfying in MANY ways. Doing these tasks with our children, lets us indirectly teach our kids the  traditions of holidays. 
Quote of the day “ open doors for others”

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