Sunday, December 18, 2011

Holiday Gifts Made at Home

I cannot take full credit for this project because I have seen this project in many magazines and blogs. I wanted to create these wonderful dish cloths/mats as holiday gifts. I do not own a dishwasher in my current house. Practically I am the dishwasher. I am not so much use to the dishwasher anyways. Those who are new to my blog, I grew up in Sri Lanka without dishwashers but with a washing machine thanks to our dad who worked overseas.

The goal of this dish mat is to place your glass/cups on the mat when emptying your dishwasher, after draining them on the dish rack you can place them on the dish cloth/mat. Few more uses I have seen in other blogs place your drinking glasses, cups, during day it will cut down you’re washing cycles after every use, and simply if you are like me washing your dishes by hand you can place them on your dish cloth/mat.

This is a very simple project and you can use the materials you have in your home like an old terrycloth towel, leftover fabric from another project. This is a fun project to do but a useful gift during holidays to offer to your neighbors or friends may be with some homemade soap. That’s in my to-do list as well.

Perhaps you can ask the receiver to invent some creative ideas use up your dishcloth and give you the feedback.

Here is what you need
5/8 yard of Printed fabric of your choice
5/8 yard of coordinating fabric
5/8 yard of terrycloth
Sewing Machine
Creative Time

Cut them into strips I did one broader and the other thinner and laid thin in between the broader. Repeat the pattern sew them and top it off with the top stitch. Place the mat right sides together the terry cloth right side and the placemat sew it around leaving a small opening to turn it inside out/ So you can bring the right sides out. Fold the opening and go around the edge with the top stitch.

You are done with the project.

Quote of the Day “ engage in activities that gives you joy”


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