Sunday, December 25, 2011

Nicolette received her first baby doll...

Yes, Nicolette received her very first baby doll. She was so happy to received it and had a ton of FUN. I took her to the toy store and it was a crazy place. I could not find a a decent toy.

I have noticed recently she has been putting her plush toy cat to sleep. This is indeed a wonderful experience for me. After raising Niegel with boy toys and to see this girly kind of play was interesting. I wonder what goes in her mind to cuddle the cat, wrapped, and even sometimes to offer a bottle.  Keep in mind the bottle she offers is no close to a  bottle it is a piece of puzzle or sometimes could be a toy car from her brothers toys.

I questioned myself a lot before buying her this baby doll. I realized it was the time to offer her the doll. Of course my son had no interest buying the doll because he does not like dolls at all in the house too bad now it is time to get use to it.

We were all happy that Nicolette was having a great time with he new presents.

Quote of the day “ cuddle your children”


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