Thursday, December 15, 2011

Sandwiches 101...

We use leftover food to make sandwiches. This is the season to be creative with food. I literally can make sandwiches from anything as long as I have grated cheese because it is my binder/glue.
We had steak, mashed potato, and sautéed Chinese vegetables for dinner. Now how do I make a sandwich out of these next morning for breakfast; pretty easy. I did fried an egg a good source of protein. While I was making it I did cut my mashed potato and slightly browned it. 
I also cut my steak into very thin slices pan fried it just as the mashed potato. I loved whole grain bread and we love that in our lunchbox as well. 
Now is the fun part stacking add a little bit of grated cheese, mashed potato, few slices of steak, fried egg, mashed potato, sautéed chinese vegetables, and finally top it off with grated cheese. Place the other slice of wheat bread on top of it and place the double decker on a panini press and press.
You end up with something like this... Fun way to finish all the leftover food. 
Quote of the day “tame your appetite”

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