Friday, October 1, 2010

Blanket # 7

I made baby bibs for my daughter when I introduced her first solid meals. It was a fun project. I made about dozen bibs; some I gave away as gifts. I am glad that I made some bibs for her because she was an independent and a very messy eater.

I had some fabric left from this project didn’t know what to do with it. As you may have notice I hate to see something goes to waste. Also I am in a mood to make blankets. I thought I would make a stamp blanket. Yes, you might wonder what the heck this is… since the scraps were very small pieces I thought I will cut small squares and make a stamp quilt top. I still had to add fabric to this project but it was worth the effort and the final product.

I did something different with this quilt top. I framed my stamp quilt so it looks bigger than my other blankets I made for her. Great coverage for a toddler may be a great SPRING blanket. I wish I can do the machine quilting but I do treasure hand quilting because it needs so much LOVE.
I am always looking to do quick projects so I can whip them up during nap times... I love nap times those are my creative blocks.

I had so much creating this blanket and was very easy to make it. Hope someone will get inspired to make this awesome blanket. Great gift to your family during Christmas, any other holiday, or simply for that special day…

Quote of the day “dream it and do it”


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