Thursday, October 21, 2010

A 22 Month Old and Forcing Bulbs…

I love FALL for many reasons one is planting bulbs since we have move to apartment I have been trying hard to keep my love and interest towards with limited space challenge… so far so good we had tomatoes, chilies, chives, rosemary, basil and some lovely petunias this summer.

Now that fall is upon us I have been trying to clean the outdoor space area and this I want to plant some bulbs.

I also wanted to get my 22 month old involve in this project and today we read Planting a Rainbow by Lois Ehlert. This is lovely book to introduce kids into working, and planting in the garden. Pictures are beautiful and have many names of bulbs you can offer to your young toddler.

We read the book, and planted bulbs inside the house. It was a great activity in involved transferring river rocks, pouring water, and placing bulbs inside the vase.

Added advantage of this activity is it involves up keeping checking the water level and adding water. I am excited to see the results as much as my 22 month old. We decided to force paper whites let’s see how it’s going to work.

Quote of the day “stop rushing around, sit quietly, switch off the world, and come back to earth”



  1. I have this book pulled out and waiting to be read!!! I meant to read it to the kids last week and never got around to it! Maybe I will read it with them and plant some of those flowers I have sitting in my window!!! Thanks for the idea. What beautiful bulbs!


  2. Thank you for taking a peak in my blog... it means a lot to me...
    I really like this book... we had a GREAT time reading and planting yesterday. I am sure kids in your classroom will enjoy it a lot...

  3. that quotation is perfect for the activity. i bet your little one loved feeling the dirt between her fingers. what a great experience to give your child. good luck with the herbs-- i so want some herbs!!!!