Monday, October 4, 2010

Crayon Cakes / Fat Crayons…

I found crayons on sale. Yes, they were really on SALE 24 count was .25 cents that was a bargain. After watching many blogs making crayon cakes I wanted to give it a try and for a $ 1.00 I simply couldn’t resist. My little one can use some of these cool crayon cakes make her beauty pictures… we had so much fun tearing the paper wrappers… cutting them into pea size pieces and sorting them to colors what more can you ask… my son had a blast while my daughter had no clue what she was doing but was very happy to handle and manipulate the crayon pieces.

I always loved the crayon blocks which is made out of beeswax, I like when they are in block because it helps young kids to develop their grasping skills and move on to coloring and appreciate ART.

My older one had so much fun creating his colors while my younger one enjoyed placing tiny crayon pieces in the small muffin tray. She would do anything if she can handle cooking utensils and the computer it’s amazing with role modeling can do ha… ha… but she was able to create her own colors and I was impressed with her talents.

In a nut shell above; is the process of making the crayon cakes. What have you been up to; lately with your kids?

Quote of the day “realize how important to be a child”


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