Monday, October 18, 2010

Celebrate your child’s meal time with beautiful bibs…

I had a wonderful time preparing my daughters meals when she was a baby. I wowed I am not going to buy any store bought food jars or cereals and I did. I once had to buy her some vegetables when we were traveling long trips. That was only two jars and I have saved those two.
I had fun preparing her meals and assembling it together. I did as much as possible at home because it was worth the effort.

One I know what she will be placing in her mouth has no added preservatives. I personally think we don’t need to consume preservative that much think about all the substances that involves in food from raw stage to process. I cannot and will not have that in her meals

Second reason was I decided to stay at home to make all the changers I did want to live up this standard that I have set. So, yes I will do the best to get her the organic quality in every possible way.

Third and last I did enjoy making food, serving, and presenting whole nine yards. I had so much Fun creating her bibs… So that’s why I think all moms should CELEBRATE the festival of introducing the babies’ first meal.

Did you know in some countries and in cultures it is celebrate with a festive atmosphere? Now think about realistically it is a special moment. Your baby solely depends on you for food. Now that you have made a conscience and reasonable timeline; and the fact that you have decided to introduce a new/ foreign item or a schedule why not make it is a big milestone. Perhaps some of you already do celebrate; but this was my take on it…

This was a gift I assemble together for two new MOMS!
Quote of the day “give your least favorite food another chance”

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