Thursday, August 5, 2010

Summer and Green Grass...

I enjoyed every little bit of summer… I like to be up in the mountains… because it is always few degrees lower than the normal temps. I was up in NH closer to CANADA and I love the weather (at least the summer weather). New Hampshire is a beautiful state and the most beautiful part of it was tax free. Yes, you do have to pay for FB but the others are tax free which I loved.

The land formation is beautiful felt like surrounded from mountains. The view was breathtaking… what I wanted to write was the smell of grass was sweet… and watching the grass being cut to use as hay was really nice up in the country. It is a lot work but the feeling you get by doing all this hard work I guess must be amazing… All the trees are bearing fruit and vegetables… bees are buzzing all over the fields and the flowers are in bloom. I love the bounty that summer brings in.

Quote of the day “be kind to the child in you”


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