Thursday, August 5, 2010

Simple Dessert… Yet, High in Antioxidants…

I wanted to blog on this dessert because of two reasons. It’s very simple and high in antioxidants. As we know the brain fruit Blueberries is the second highest to Acai Berries. I use local honey from the farmers market because I have read if you have allergies try to consume local honey. I finally found a farm; that produce honey in refine and raw forms. I love them both. If I can; I will have a honey bee collection but unfortunately I do not have the capabilities to do so.

My little one loves blueberries she can eat a whole pint. I know it is scary I remember once she did that for lunch. She is not that much into the honey just like my older one. I am not bit worry about that but continue to offer in small amounts. Older one prefers it with toast. I prefer it with my tea. I guess each one has different pallets of tastes.

My suggestion for this wonderful dessert try mixing some honey with blueberries, I cannot have enough of that. It gives you loads of vitamins and makes you stronger for seasonal allergy.

Quote of the day “hold your child’s hand every chance you get”


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