Monday, August 30, 2010

Blanket #2

I was busy working my way into creating blankets for my little one since she is outgrowing the baby blanket. And the weather over here is wicked cold. I am not complaining; I do love winter. So I can sip tea and warm water.

Back to my project this was a real simple project I copied from my friend Tina back in VA. She loves to sew around the fleece by left over yarn using the blanket stitch. This adds a very special touch to the fleece and a finished look. I have made one blanket for my son when he was little. However when you go to the local fabric store I go crazy with all the lovely prints. When it comes to girly prints there are tons out there.
I wish I saved the receipt for this purchase but I have not but do remember this was on sale. I bought approximately 1 and ¼ yard of fleece and straighten the edges. Fold the hems and did the running stitch to hold it in place and went through my yarn stash to find coordinating yarn. Finished it off with blanket stitch… I love the flowers plus I can add some color to gloomy winter days.

This is my blanket # 2 pretty cool yet very simple ha… ha…

Quote of the day “Buy your child a present on Mother’s Day in return for making you a mother”


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