Thursday, August 5, 2010

Receiving Blankets & Fun Fur # 1

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During my baby shower I received a packet of receiving blankets and then I have bought some on my own. I didn’t bother to return and used them all… during the first few months since I had a fairly big collection they didn’t look bad after couple of wash and as everyone knows newborn grow very fast I had to use the other blankets often. I had this pile of receiving blankets and had no idea what to do with these. I put them in a bag thought I will drop it off in a donation box… But I wanted to hold on to them since the prints were so lovely…

Finally I came up with this idea to make a blanket with fun fur… since she loves her plush toys… so I bought the fabric from the fabric store and bought plain muslin to do the backing. I wanted it to be fun. I decided to cut the blankets and make baking instead of using the muslin… with some help from lovely Beth I was piercing the squares in no time… and finished the back I loved it… ran out of one blanket but soon replaced by another it was really cool and loved it very… very … much… not only that I went and knitted a hat to go with it too… I loved mixing the old and the new together it was a WONDERFUL project which I enjoyed every bit of it…

Since she is growing out of her current set of baby blanket this is a great way to replace them with a little bit of a bigger sized blanket… since she sleeps all by herself and she could be cold in her room and the winter could be wicked COLD up here but I love it… with some hot chocolate and a warm blanket I can think of many more projects to do before I die…

I hope who ever stop by to take a peek in my little blog find this very interesting as I did… with my daughter’s old receiving blankets… more than it was a one unique blanket… with the left over fun fur I made a long pillow to place against the wall to block the cold… she is going to be very warm this winter…

Quote of the day “create bedtime stories in which your child is the hero or heroine in an adventure”


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  1. You are so creative Sharmila. You are the Martha Stewart of blogging. :)