Monday, August 30, 2010

I am grateful to YOU…

It’s being a while I made a post: I have been extremely busy with a project which has a dead line and number of items. I personally think that’s a goal. Anyway I will blog on that later it will come up soon because I enjoyed every bit of that project. It feels good on my finger tips to feel the keys and start writing what’s in my head.

There is a lot going on… schools are starting… Full filling boy’s scout rank requirements… taking care of 18 month old thinking going on 3 years… and stopping by to feel life and admire nature… and life in between is GREAT! But could be bit over whelming but no complains because I do enjoy it very much…

My older one is extremely busy working on merit badgers and I enjoy helping/aiding in this process and I thank everyone in my life right now extending their hand to us get there. He is been busy as a bee and the great part is he is learning something new every day. I am happy to watch him navigate the World Wide Web to get the right information and amazed with his talents… I think every mother should enroll their son in BOY”S SCOUT it is a wonderful program to grow into.

So all of us are growing… working… busy… and having fun. That’s a good thing.

My son asked is it ok if he makes the lunch… I jumped to answer YES, I was sewing and wanted to finish the project and little one was sleeping. I didn’t want to be in the kitchen. I sealed the moment to burry deep myself into my project. Oh… Yeah… He asked me to help him with cheese because he was making spaghetti with pasta sauce very simple but great with parmesan cheese, crushed pepper, rosemary, and olive oil.

I did and quickly came back to my project… He did prepared lunch; sorry I couldn’t take a picture of it before. I was hungry and we had a GREAT lunch together. It reminds me of me when my mother goes out for shopping or run errands I would make something so when she comes home there is food. I do miss her deeply in my life.

But the lunch my son made for me was great… I volunteered to do the dishes. I did the dishes with pride and gratefulness for my 12 year old. You ROCK son!

Quote of the day “never discourage a child’s individuality”


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