Friday, July 23, 2010

a scarf & mittens for a little one

I knitted two gloves for my daughter with a scarf for this winter. I bought the yarn from the local yarn shop for a buck since it was only 1 ball I wanted to make a scarf. This yarn is a novelty yarn and I loved shades or I must say the color combination was great… I love purple or any hues of lavender. Scarf was pretty simple garter stitch… can make with your eyes closed. I was looking for a glove pattern but then I found it from one of the books I had at home and Kathy from the knitting club was generous to offer me a book with more patterns. She helped me with this glove project to do the joining it was great to have help when planning on new projects… My knitting group rocks...

I had some left over white yarn from another project and solid purple from another project so I put them together to make this pair of gloves for my daughter.This coming winter to keep her hands warm. It is quite unusual than the normal gloves from the cuffs since I used two colors but that’s fine for now. We don’t have to buy mittens this winter I can make them at home. Well that’s the bright side of making gloves at home but I am nervous about this because my older one can lose his gloves and mittens in a split second…. Yes that is scary… Imagine the amount of mittens I have to knit this coming winter ha… ha…

I love these gloves and the scarf that I knitted for my daughter it is definitely labor of love. I can’t wait to make some more now that I have a set in purple. I have to make another set in pink since her winter jacket is pink… (Just another excuse to knit) Yes, we already bought her 2010 winter jacket on clearance that was a GREAT buy. I think I have some pink yarn I can put to use very soon.

Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek in my little blog to see what’s going…

Quote of the day “live your life in happiness, even when those others around you lead lives that are unhealthy”


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