Friday, July 2, 2010

Patriotic Hat…

Yes, after much thought I decided to make a patriotic hat to sell on I came up with the design and the colors. I wanted to do more but in a time crunch aren’t’ we all sometimes. Hopefully I can get this all laid out next year with my friends, at the knitting group. I love the polka dots and my crochet skills are improving well too.

I REALLY like how it turned out. I wish I knew this skill when my kids were tiny. I would have taken a ton of pictures of our kids. So whenever my friends, relatives, or anyone I know is having a baby; I go crazy creating these lovely gifts. This hat is ideal for a July photo shoot. My son was born two days after the Independence Day. I remember to this date I was at the fireworks watching the works while my son was having a ball, kicking inside me. But it was a different story with my daughter I saw the fireworks at the nation’s Capital, Washington DC with family but waited for couple of months for the delivery because she was a winter baby. No wonder I started knitting for her ha… ha...

I am very excited to go on vacation with my family this coming Monday. I might not blog for couple of days… I will post the pictures upon our arrival. From all of us my son is very excited about this trip because this is his B’day gift. We have not yet packed our bags we will eventually. We do enjoy the summer with long walks, cycling, and reading of course.

Quote of the day “help each other grow”


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