Thursday, July 1, 2010

Red & White Hat Collection

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I want to blog on this hat I am planning to introduce a Christmas hat collection and hopefully sell them through This is my initial hat for that collection. I love the colors and the holiday. As I progress through this collection I will blog more. At present I enjoy these hats a lot. Can’t wait to knit and present them together as a collection.

Here is the FUN part of this hat. Making the pompoms I love creating these… I am eyeing the big pompom maker one of these days I am going to buy that one because I think it is SUPER cool. I didn’t want to add a huge amount of red just a little bit next time I may add few strands… and see how it’s going to look like… I love this hat a lot…

I have been exercising lately a lot and walking with my kids. I need get my little one to move around she is not into walking much may be hit the playground after walk so I can cool down while they run around.

Quote of the day “when life gives you lemons make lemonade” (I love this one…)


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