Saturday, July 3, 2010

Hesitant Baking…

It is 82 F outside temperate didn’t want to bake any or cook, I got home from my daily walking not many people are walking today. I guess people are getting ready for the holidays. I didn’t want to blog today but I wanted to do after cranking the oven to make the pizza. It was so good.

I made two pizzas’ today one with artichoke, spinach & anchovy’s another with sautéed onions, and sasuge. After receiving raving for my pizza I thought I should blog about this. What I did different was add some olive oil with Tuscan seasoning for the dough it did some kick offs.

Over roll it was very tasty even the outside high temps… we had some homemade lemonade to cool off the heat. Once again this is the basic pizza dough with simple changes but makes a big statement.

Quote of the day “be a mentor to a young person who admires you”


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