Friday, July 23, 2010


Foxglove scientifically named as Digitalis is beautiful plant that I love very much… I initially saw this plant at t farmers market in VA. I bought it and planted it in our garden in VA. Yes, It bloomed that summer not only that it did germinated by itself the seed pod cracked and little plants were discovered the following spring and it did what it needs to do every summer  as I can recall for three consecutive summers. There were no intervals it bloomed in that corner of my garden and did the summer dance. I did add some miracle grow once in a while to keep it going. The blooms were very rich deep purple. I personally like purple flowers a lot. 
My story was I saw this plant growing almost like a weed in northern part of England when we were travelling this summer. I was amazed by this. There were some white foxgloves here and there along the side of the paths; but it amazes me to see them by the side of the road just growing without much care. Later I found out after talking to some locals it is a very natural plant in Eastern England. 
Not only that; I know this is a poisonous plant too. But the beauty is that just like the plant itself it has some great medicinal value to it and it has discovered by an English scientists. Especially for cardio vascular issues… The reason I wanted to blog on this was it was interesting to see this plant with a price tag in a nursery here while it grows like a weed in another country…. That was amazing.
Quote of the day “experience the journey of endless surprises”

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