Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Old Dirt…

I enjoy gardening a lot. I recall my experience on gardening when I was a child and it was my parent’s garden and some documentary programs on TV. I miss my little garden in our house. I make sure to bring nature in contact with my kids in many ways as much as I can.

Last year we got two window boxes; hung them on our balcony railings this year we got some plants from back home(VA). One of my favorites and it is called hens and chicks. I really like to find the Latin name for this. You cannot go wrong with these beautiful succulents/perennials.
Specially if you are in a budget for watering, or fertilizer… this plant is ideal if you are not a green thumb person not a problem this plant will make your thumb green…

Today after managing many tasks I was able to feel the good old dirt and work with window boxes I have no clue what I want to plant but they are ready. I was able to plant a Rosemary plant, I love its aroma and we enjoy lemon and rosemary chicken. It’s amazing everyone love this Italian dish even my little one I have to post it when I get a chance to make this. Speaking of Rosemary this has many medicinal values I remember I read somewhere if you place a sprig of Rosemary in your wine bottle it will enhance your memory. I like to try that… This plant possesses so many healing powers…

I cleaned out the birdfeeder. We didn’t get many birds on our bird feeder last year may be this fall we might have some luck. I am ready to put out humming bird feeder to see some visitors.
This is my garden note.


Quote of the day “Strengthen your skills”

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