Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Seeds, Dirt, & Little Hands…

I love to show children mine or others the wonders of the earth, and seeds could be plants. I have perform this in front of many kids and showed them what they could do with seeds. I remember once a kid plant an apple seed in a pot and brought it to school to leave it in our classroom. We watched it grow and we learned so many cool facts about apples and Johnny Appleseed.

This spring my son and I planted herbs from seeds we are very anxious to see the outcome.

My son had done these kinds of projects, I remember once he planted me an herb garden. I did not use all the herbs but it was a wonderful experience for him. I recall he would bruise some of the leaves and sniff its aromas. We had peppermint and pineapple mint and lemon balm I cannot think of anything to make with these herbs. It was the best mother’s day gift I ever received from my son.

I wonder how these herbs are going to turn out this year. I can’t wait to make pizzas with basil and potatoes salad with chives.
Hopefully he will try my potato salad this year with home grown chives.

How I got this project to be a success I planed everything before and gathered all the materials needed to this project. By eliminating steps to find tools while working with the project especially with children could be a HUGE distraction. By having everything prepared allows us to spend time together, have a good conversation, and enjoy the activity. Plan ahead when working with children is rule # 1 for a successful project.


Quote of the day “Draw with children”

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