Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Humming Birds…

These are wonderful birds. My neighbor is a humming bird watcher and a lover. She had really wonderful feeders you can get them close to the window. I really liked it. I bought this less expensive humming bird feeder from the local hardware shop and having been used last summer still in good shape. Out again to attract more this summer. We had one humming bird visiting us on a regular basis last summer. I also had some flowers growing on my window boxes last year which I think helped them too; in order to find the feeder.

This year I have already filled the humming bird feeder and set it outside just curious to see if we are going to have any visitors. Because I thought I saw some but there are huge bumble bees out there too so I could easily mistaken a humming bird to a bumble bee. This is a cool activity for kids to get their hands on or simply enjoy nature.

If you got older children they can fill it or simply help you to rinse the feeder periodically.


Quote of the day “see yourself as a work in progress”

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