Saturday, April 3, 2010

Hens & Chicks…

This is a wonderful plant that I brag about earlier writing. I snap this one early morning as I was cleaning the balcony. Since we live in the back we do not get much sun. I notice recently that the moss started to grow on wooden slats that concerns me. I was able to arrange pots on balcony I really like to get it raised so it won’t leave any marks/stains on wood; it's a working progress.

I have seen many varieties of hens and chicks on catalogs and on the internet but I love my collection and adore it.
I love colors and the formation of the rosette it is one of a kind plant.
Other wonderful fact about this is it doesn’t need much attention and can leave it outside and bring it in anytime…

Quote of the day “learn a relaxation routine”


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