Sunday, April 4, 2010

This is not procrastination

I love chapter 9 of the book I am reading. I couldn’t get before pictures but I have after pictures and plenty of them. I was procastinating to organize this pantry cupboard. I know this is an ongoing task to maintain order hope I typed it right. Finally I just did it. First I wanted to buy a list of things to make it organize. I knew something is not right so I used the items I had sitting around to hold small items for baking and what not. I was happy with the result. I was amazed with what I did. So far I have handle two things and I am motivated to handle some more closets cleaning/organizing and what not.

What I am most proud of is I am being an indirect teacher to my kids they automatically learning to be organized and that is priceless.

I am trying to hold on to basics this will aid be to become more organized. I drop off 5 bags at consignment. I am making progress with my sort it out and organizational skills.

Few tips that I incorporated towards motivation and to stretch the dollar. I used my cake stand as a center piece inside my cupboard to display items that needs to be used in near future. It stands up on a pedestal and telling me hey, its time you bake with me or whatever it is. I had two beautiful trays I used them to gather small items. One I used to place water bottles also this will give me quick access to use it when I have visitors over. Storage problem is solved productively/ small place/getting out of clutter/artful reminder to drink water what more can you ask.

Best thing is I did not spend a penny to organize I didn’t buy baskets used what I had sitting around.
I am glad I checked out this book and I love it…

Quote of the day “Hard work is often the easy work you did not do at the proper time” Bernard Meltzer


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