Saturday, April 3, 2010

Chocolate Chip Brownies & Vanilla Ice Cream…

Baking Madness… Monday… after long week of filing papers and long list of to do… I am glad I was able to bake. I wanted chocolate and kids wanted lemon. Yep, I am tired of baking the regular lemon tart. I wanted a change (who would not) and twisted it with some raspberry preserve… it was the hit of the week. I love to hear older one keep adding all his complements on this simple mouthwatering recipe.
If I ever have a garden I would certainly consider planting a lemon tree I just love it and we like all kinds of meals made out of this natural ingredient. Raspberry adds a sweet layer to this tart. I simply want to quit baking this summer to keep it simple so we can enjoy seasonal vegetables and fruits we will see about this.

Last summer my younger one was eating solids I spend the entire summer getting her fruits and preparing them. Yes, I was a baby jar food free mom. My little one was delighted to taste all kinds of grains and vegetables. I had a great time introducing her to food I have to admit comparing to older one she is very liberal when it comes to her meals and independent. She started feeding herself very young. I am glad it worked out that way.

Going back to my chocolate craving I went all the nine yards to make this Brownie with lot of chocolate and nuts. It was sooooooo good. I want try to make a brownie without flour I wonder how it’s going to turn out could be a fun project. Mmmmm… Everyone enjoyed brownies with ice cream, it’s a great treat. If anyone wants to try chocolate brownies here is the link

Quote of the day “Keep your commitments even when it hurts”


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