Monday, December 21, 2009

I love beading, yes I love to make jewelery, I want to say I started this very early on in my life but never had a chance to pursue it. TIME, was a big issue and OBLIGATIONS, COMMITMENTS, and RESPONSIBILITIES...

This is something I taught myself through various media,(also I was beading when I was a teenager) books,projects idea leaflets from craft stores, and mainly Internet. I am telling ya that Google gadget comes in handy many times. When it comes to finding facts. I will be lost without that.

I love making jewelery for many reasons, love to make projects and see the final result, it is a calming activity up until you can't find a way to assemble the project, some has it's own challenges, loves to solve it, make a statement and NOW most of all I have a little one to accessorize that is something priceless.

I was able to finish many of the unfinished projects that was a huge accomplishment on my side. I was able to wear some pieces too. I love to mix media so I mix many different beads together pearl and seed beads and other kind of beads.

Beading is fun until you come to the stage crimping and all that jazz. I am not very good at it but planning to learn more techniques.

I ran into a store that help you with projects. I mean if you are having a problem assembling or putting final touches to your piece they will help you to accomplish your task i thought that was amazing. Yes, I was able to steal some alone time this is a huge thing for me I do and learn things for ME yes, did you get that part it's all about me, satisfying my learning thirst, crafty side, creativity... whatever I was finally able to put these projects together and I was thrilled. I was the last customer at this store I was afraid she might ask me to leave but she didn't. She was working in this store for two years and was very patient with me.

I am so thankful to her and grateful for helping me and introducing me to a gadget called I think double jump ring they are like key rings but it WORKS for my project and here I am walking out of the store with couple of necklace I assemble couple of months ago. The lady at the store bead shop was Gerri, she was so nice stayed back to hep me with the project and not only that she did make sure I knew how to do it. It's hard to find good teachers like that nowadays...

I would like to get my hands around to make little Barrett's to put on little girls heads... may be I should start working on it. Anyway this is the story of my beading another hand made additions to my collection of stuff.

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