Saturday, December 19, 2009

I have to write about this project I have accomplished/ or I would like to say I finally finished with a lot of pain. I really meant it. Remember my knitting experiences and the class. I wanted to practice more, while I was making my first sweater, I did another one with a different color. One of the reason was my instructor told me she will not be having classes till next spring and certainly didn't want to forget what I have learned. Also knitting is a hands on activity more you practice better off you are. So I want to practice my knitting, Purling, casting on, Increasing, and decreasing. New vocabulary with a whole new aspect...

However when I blogged my first knitting project. I took a picture of this sweater with the completed one. This sweater was not assemble. I was able to finish knitting it with so many mistakes on time but could not assemble. How can a person can make so many stupid mistakes I have no idea or a clue.Apparently looks like I am very GOOD at it. ha... ha... My point is taking it apart was very painful but I learned at the class that a good knitter will always take a project apart. I think I was so eager to make two sweaters and mixed two needle sizes that when I finally trying to sew it together it was two different sizes. I have no clue why I did that, I vaguely remember buying another size needle but I cannot remember why I mixed two sizes.

Yes, I painfully took it apart the whole sweater and knitted again with the correct size needle. I took three days to complete it I took it apart one day gave myself a break did you hear that I took a break from knitting because it was too much, getting on my nerve. I guess the size makes a BIG difference.

Any way I am finally letting go my safety blanket and trying new skills. I was able to read the instruction from a knitting book and make a flower. I was so thrilled all about it. So I quickly worked on another flower so both sweaters have flowers now.

I am amazed with a ball of yarn and two sticks what you could make. Time is a big obstacle I constantly battle to finish these projects. But I have always made time for these projects somehow. I have tried many ways to snatch the yarn and knitting needles when kids are sleeping, taking it with me when I am travelling. Hey, even one line adds up for 4 inches.

I thought knitting was hard but I think now it is the most wonderful activity to relax, unwind, and very therapeutic in many ways. I wish I tried this when I was teaching Kindergarten. Kids would have done a pretty good job than me with it.

When I finished this sweater,I also add a flower I didn't have any button I can't believe I was hunting button around the house, I was even tempted to get a button from a dress shirt, I finally found it on one of the cushion's that we are ready to throw out because it had seen better days. I snatched it and gave a whole new life to it by adorning it on this baby sweater. I absolutely love this sweater because it reminds me of SPRING and hard LABOUR of love, all the undoing and finally I am happy with the final product.

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