Thursday, December 10, 2009

Here I am again, keeping my hands busy in this cold weather. I love sewing and I love to sew little goodies for babies. I found this bib pattern and couldn't’t resist the urge to get my hands on it sew these bibs. I thought which was very cool, chic, and bold. So I did it. I have to admit it was time consuming at the beginning but later on it was a breeze to finish these tiny bibs. I have given the as gifts as well as use them for my little one.

The reason I like these bibs are I can custom make them according my needs. I can make them light or super heavy duty. I like them light so I can change them often and enjoy a new bib each time I use them on my little one.

I purposely used these Bold designs and colors instead of the baby prints... I guess I like to think outside the BOX. I love how it helps when it comes to self feeding because it get more stains and bold prints from the little ones food consumption. We try our best to give more natural than the artificial but some fruits can stain them but a little bit scrubbing can lift those stains off.

I also used big snaps to secure the flaps behind and Velcro. At the beginning I thought the snap are the best thing in the world because if the tiny one tug on them it wont come off. It's all about my security and comfort right when it comes to feeding... ha... ha... but as the little ones get older their food pattern and eating schedules tends to change. I noticed when the meal is done little hands can tug the bib and take it off and it was part of communicating saying "I am done stop feeding me" I took this taking bib part pretty serious and listen to the commands life was easy...

So now I loved the Velcro... could be a pain some times but I got use to it. communication through bibs was interesting... and it does definitely takes the feeding to the next level.

I love making these bibs and giving them as gifts... for mother to be and for mothers. It not only saves your child's clothing from stains if you listen and follows the cues it can be a instrument of communication. Who would thought about that?

I love these... tell me what you think about them...

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