Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Hello, here I am again blogging on hand made items. These are called Grasping Beads... aha, you may wonder what are these. I made these out of wooden balls. These are 1' inch in diameter and allows a newborn baby to grasp which eventually they will... As we all know newborns love to grasp. As we place a finger on an open palm a new born will quickly grasp it. So I made these out of natural wood. It is same as gasping a rattle or any other toy.

Little ones love to grasp these wooden beads I have no idea what is it, I always thought it may be the texture. I have made bunch of these and given them as gifts at baby showers and to new moms and I have always heard good reviews on them.

I have offered many textures for my little one but this is one of the favorites. I still see time to time visiting this toy. My first experience offering this to my newborn was, it was too big but later on it fits exactly and the baby will bring to the mouth and starts to mouth.

This is a great toy for newborn babies and very easy to make, only factor I worry is making sure all the beads are tight, or no bead can slip away from the knots...
Other cool factor is you can rinse this with some soapy water and it is good to go for happy gnawing...

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