Friday, February 21, 2014

The Gleaners

Last summer, I bought this painting from a thrift store, it was framed by someone and was in an old frame. This caught my eye, because I was able to identify the picture. I had this in our attic and I finally decided to take it apart, in order to reframe it. 

I took it apart and then it was sitting in our craft room for a while, and I bought a frame from IKEA, yes, and I did the framing. This was re printed in a limited number in Boston, MA, while ago. 

I like the gleaners, because it portraits the working class (rural) and was viewed very poorly by the French upper and middle class during that time. However, I feel like the artist has done a wonderful job in creating colors and placing them. I totally love it. Jean-François Millet, was a French artist who depicted realism during his era. I love his work personally. 

I cannot wait to get this piece up on the wall, in our craft room!

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