Wednesday, February 5, 2014

February and LOVE...

February has already crawled upon us, and I am overdue for a new post. Yet, another storm embraces the North East. Having a day off adds, more to our creative list. However, I was adamant to get some rest in between. 

It is not fun to battle winter allergies. The dust mites are so high during this time of the year due to dry air. We have been cleaning and dusting throughout this winter as we go along. 

However, I curled up with little Nicolette, who is always looking ways to craft with me. We decided to cut some few felt squares, I had purchased previously for another project. She was very excited when I started to cut the hearts. 

I made this garland to add to our branch collection from our yard. I had few heart shape candle stick holders, a bag of gummy hearts, I could not resist to enjoy few of these gummy hearts. Few orchid candles, Together, we add a bit of love to our dinning room

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