Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Neck Warmers...

This year I am serious about knitting. I did not make a stack of fleece scarves from my remnant pile, instead decided to knit few cowls for little one. It goes pretty quick and knitting in the round is one of my favorite way of knitting. There were few skeins of yarn I received last summer from a friend, I did not know what to do then, because they were blends of wool and other fibers. 

Few cowls could make little one’s neck warm when she is outside with her friends at school and I know she loves them and lately she is asking me to make a scarf to cover her face. We have been hit hard this year with snow. I remember last year I had to dug my self out, to goto work. 

Cowls are easy to make, and not only that you can wear them as hats. However, they will not cover the head entirely but will do the job to some extent. Currently working on number four and so far I have finished three.

The first was using fine yarn with light weight yarn. It was much fun and that cowl keeps the neck pretty warm and so soft to touch. I felt my hands were in a cloud.

The second, was made with only light weight yarn. The light weight yarn was very stretchy to work alone but adds a totally different texture to the pattern and the knitted cowls sits snuggly around her neck, she loves it. It works great on, not so very cold days!

The third cowl pattern, I made it up on my own. I did not have a pattern and had two skeins of alpaca yarn. This is a very soft cowl, which sits around her neck with some room around, but gives her enough warmth on a cold spring day. 

Fourth, cowl is in progress, and we would like to use it as soon as its done, during this cold winter vortex. It is a very soft warm yarn and it will definitely keep her warm.

Happy, knitting during the month of February to ALL!

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