Monday, February 24, 2014

Another day of Snow

Another day of snow, I wonder if this is the end of it. I do enjoy snow days being under the blankets with my children. This year has been one of those years everyone has been complaining of the unlimited supply of snow we easterners have had. When I look outside it is still so peaceful and I did not feel like going to school. 

Partially, I know I was kind of hit hard this semester with the class I have chosen, but at the same time I do love that class too. I love the professor who makes it possible for everyone to do their best and see the best of our work thorough tiring work days. It is a long day but still worth going to school. I truly love all the work she does with every one, I have taken her before and she truly helped me to use my talents to the fullest. 

Another snow day, but today I am partially hoping for cancellation. I don’t know why. I do remember, once I took a class that I checked the weather every minute before I left the house, but as I approached school it was no canceled. I want that to happen before I leave the house today.

I can go back to my comfort work zone, as it get quite in the house with afternoon naps, you can get alot done. I know I have been stocking my shop lately, and taking things slowly as I create fun projects. 

Well, it is time to fix dinner before school!

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