Thursday, February 27, 2014

Taking Care of classroom pet...

This school vacation we decided to pet sit. Nicolette was super excited to bring her classroom pet home, according to her she wanted to play dress up, and want to give Finn a bath. 

The ginuea pig is very active in the night as Niegel and I watched TV way into morning during one night. Finn decided to add the after effects of the scary movie, fun night turning light off after the movie. 

We have been adding Finns bedding to the compost, and offering him carrots. I am not sure, if I am confident enough to pick and handle him. However he is getting use to me more, since I am the only one taking care of his bedding besides Panduka.

I see he is venturing out from his house to see what is happening around him. He sure loves his carrots, and hey. We gave him a treat of parsley and he sure likes that. The more into the week I notice him playing outside of him home more. My allergies are bit off, but still worth the effort of taking care of Finn.

It is REALLY a fun way to take care of a pet!