Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Japanese Cooking...

This winter break we ventured into Japanese cooking, to stir away from the regular blah. I have been eating alot this winter, which I am not very fond of. I have been missing the gym but more into creating, sewing, and reading. 

Japanese cooking seems to be very easy and less time in the kitchen. However, the body really needs to go through the change of raw fish. I always likes soy beans even growing up in Sri Lanka. The most fondest memory I have is eating soy ice cream, which seems to close to my house.

Recently, I have add so much kale to my lunch, and I afraid I might turn my self to green. I still cook meat for the rest of the family members. They cannot totally give up on meat at least few are working on it. This is a something I put together, sticking to the basic Japanese cooking techniques. I used pork instead of beef, I felt it absorbs the sauces well than beef. I add a whole lot of vegetables to keep it more like a one pot meal. 

The base is soy sauce, plum sauce, garlic, chillies, honey, rice wine, and sesame oil. 

There are few similarities in Japanese cooking and Sri Lankan cooking, and even share few ingredients.   

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