Saturday, November 30, 2013

A Sri Lankan making tradition around holidays...

Being a Montessori teacher for young children away from where I grew up have immensely change my outlook on embracing and learning about the American culture. I was fond of reading Thanksgiving to children from MN, KS, and VA. When we moved to MA, I was elated to visit the Plymouth plantation like a little kid. I loved the fact  how they survived hardships together. 

A certain, Sri Lankan holiday brings bitter memories to me, and I would make many attempts to steer away from it. I always wanted to create a tradition which will incorporate Sri Lankan tradition into our family. In this way we acknowledge and respect ALL cultures!

Thanksgiving, reflects a deep appreciation towards Native Americans, and we Sri Lankan’s grew up with respect and appreciation towards family. I know the world is changing, family values are changing, and certainly traditions are evolving globally. There is a part of me wants to make our own tradition. I enjoy thanks giving, because it allows me to slow down, appreciate life, and mostly be thankful for simple things we often take as granted.

My teenage sons looks the other way, when I inquire him what he is Thankful most this year. It was bit hard for me to take it in, because I remember the time same boy took time to think and say that he is thankful for his parents! I guess it is the teen phase. 

This year we had begun a tradition, and it might sounds cheesy, but we will plant after our Thanksgiving meal every year, to remember the good time we enjoyed as a family. This will a beginning of our own family tradition. 

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