Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Pumpkin waffles for dinner

This was sunday night supper, yes pumpkin waffles. I have made this recipe when my son was young and it did not go well. I do not think his taste buds were not ready to handle it. My second attempt was hesitant. I really did not want to make it, but Nicolette being Nicolette would eat anything with syrup, insist that I should make pumpkin waffles. 

To my surprise she loved it and every one else this time. Our new dinner on week nights when we are running out of time will be waffles not necessarily pumpkin but whatever in season and our mood. This recipe had bit of a kick with spices and a bit of crack black pepper adds edge to this waffle. 


  1. A restaurant near where I work does pumpkin pancakes at this time of year. My co-workers and I always make a big outing of going there for lunch at least once--they're awesome!

  2. We went overboard with pumpkin this year.