Sunday, November 3, 2013

Jack O Lantern

Our Jack O’ lantern took a very strange route this year. I remember those days finding patterns and getting all crazy carving pumpkins. It was easier this year, because we narrowed it down for few patterns. This is what Nicolette decide to take on this year; however, she wanted thatha to carve the pumpkin. Not a big fan of scooping out the guts too. I guess it was princess Bella's duty was not to get too messy.

She was hung over with few choices this year for costumes between a witch and a princess. Finally, the princess took over I know next year she wants be a witch because, amma was a “nice” which this year.

She was happy to bring in the loot, I am glad few neighbors had healthy candy too, but we love the kit-kat bars and the tootsie rolls. At the end we did had a bit over tired halloween between late night Red Sox games, school, and work, but we pull it all together!


  1. Ha! No one ever wants to get messy during pumpkin carving at my house. It's my lot in life to always be the scooper.

    What a beautiful little princess you have there, though!

  2. Not fair, I was able to get away from that task this year... I might have to do it next year... Yes, she was so happy to fully imerse into the preincess character.