Friday, November 1, 2013


Total of eighteen tomatoes plants provided us plenty of tomatoes for this season. which we have enjoyed through out the season. It is been a while I bought some from the grocery store. I wish I kept a neat organizer how many plants I had from each variety. I know for sure I had few heirlooms. 

Few of canning recipes I worked on this season included 
  • Herb tomato sauce 
  • Ripe Tomato Jam
  • Green Tomato pickle
  • Salsa Verde
  • Green tomato chutney

I can assure myself that I have a full stock pantry with our garden bounty for this winter. I am hoping to put them to use. Looking at the jars in the kitchen with many colors reminds me of the wonderful summer I spent with my family. Canning is definitely an Art! 

Have you saved the bounty from your garden. If so How do you save it? and Do you can your crop?

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