Monday, January 28, 2013

The New Space

The new space we created for my work has been helping me a lot. It does create a happy feeling when I fill in my orders. I use to work in many places around the house and place everything in boxes, well I do that part now too. This new place has created a place for me to keep my inventory check is visual reminders. Most of the plastic bins I got from IKEA is helping me to store the finish products. 

I have added some things I have collected over the years. I find it hard to keep the minimalist look with all the things I create. I do strive for this everyday in my life. 

I still have to work on few things. Creating storage can be very tricky with no space. My net project is creating a space for my scrapbooking. 


  1. Love how nice and clean this is. You're making me feel the need to clean out my (overstuffed, completely unorganized) craft cabinets.

  2. I can be very unorganized, when creating and has the capability to make huge messes...