Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sri Lankan Tradition

This New Year we as a family made a resolution each month on the very first day we are going to cook milk rice. Now, you may wonder if you new to this blog what is Milk Rice. Milk rice is cooked with coconut milk instead of water. It is milky and kind of mushy. In other words it is usually over cooked. 

Normally, we Sri Lankan’s eat it with a spicy curry meat or fish. Some parts of the country makes this simple dish sweet with raisins and adding some other grains such as MUNG. We like this with a spicy sambal. Some occasions we eat this with bananas and sugar. I remember when I was young it was a big hit!

This is what we had on the very first day of this year. It I do it right I should have eleven posts only pictures of this new tradition in our household which is going to happen this year. 



  1. That sounds delicious--maybe even as a breakfast food? So you just use the same amount of coconut milk as you would water?

    1. Yes, how it works is if you want it very creamy and rich add more coconut milk. The water from the coconut evaporates and adds a sweet coconut taste to the rice.